Two Ways to Heaven – Movie Trailer Productions, Injera Music Inc present:

ሁለት መንገድ ወደ ገነት

Two missing youth – an Ethiopian boy and a Canadian girl – join the fates of several first generation Canadians from Ethiopia. In their quest for their dreams while supporting their families, some get involved in a high stakes underground business led by their critical and charismatic friend, Eyob.
A thrilling drama based on true events.
Amharic with English subtitles.
Premiered in Toronto, January 2017. Further screenings in the works.
Also brought to you by Rendez Vous Ethiopian Restaurant
A L.I.F.E. Presentation . AfroFormat Pictures . Injera Music Inc . TereTereT productions …
starring Saba Alemayehu . Dawit Addisu . Rasselas . Tifishet Takele . Jason Krawchuk . Gedi Zion . Natti Gezahegn . Nicole Procyk . Eman ‘The Warriror’ Oletho . Kirubel Diamond . Dave Carter . Alex Kotsyk . Anna Dolabchian . Helina ‘NigisTee’ Tsegaw . Zemen Wakjira . Kyle Hallman . Tara Elizabeth …
featuring music by Rasselas . Nomadica . Helena Alemayehu