TereTereT Productions & Injera Music present

Two Ways to Heaven

ሁለት መንገድ ወደ ገነት​

A case of two missing youth joins the fates of a group of Ethiopian immigrants, a low level drug dealer, a corrupt cop and a business tycoon during the most scandalous time of the city and its mayor.
A thrilling drama based on true events.
Amharic with English subtitles.

A L.I.F.E. Presentation, AfroFormat Pictures,  Injera Music Inc and TereTereT productions

Starring: Saba Alemayehu, Dawit Addisu, Rasselas Rawmny Wildcat, Tifishet Takele, Jason Krawchuk, Gedi Zion, Natti Gezahegn, Nicole Procyk, Eman ‘The Warriror’ Oletho, Kirubel Diamond, Dave Carter, Alex Kotsyk, Anna Dolabchian, Helina ‘NigisTee’ Tsegaw, Zemen Wakjira, Kyle Hallman, Tara Elizabeth

Featuring music by: Rasselas, Nomadica, Helena Alemayehu